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10 Acacia Place Site Development
Studio Unit
One Bedroom Unit
Two Bedroom Units
Premium Two Bedroom A
Two Bedroom Premium A
Premium Two Bedroom B
Two Bedroom Premium B

Architect's Perspective 



10 Acacia Place -  a 184-unit community spread throughout only 10 floors,
gives you more time, space, and freedom for yourself or for your family.

Whether you are an investor

or a homeowner, 10 Acacia Place

is your perfect choice. 


Great principles of architecture

such as functional layouts,

uncompromising healthy breathing space, 

natural light and natural ventilation reside.


Each unit is designed for flexibility and growth. 


Unit Size: 26.75 - 27.30 sqm

1 Bedroom

Unit Size: 39.42 - 40.09 sqm

2 Bedroom

Unit Size: 50.19 -53.19 sqm

Architect's Perspective 

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